Steel Shelving and Shop Solutions

Organize your Inventory

MWS can provide you with a range of steel shelving and shop solutions that are right for your needs.

Clip shelving is high quality industrial shelving with versatility to handle the simplest storage needs and inventory up to high rise or multi-level installations. 

Wedge Lock Style Shelving is perfect for retail stock rooms, auto parts centers and archive storage warehouses excellent for storing larger bulkier items efficiently.

Plastic Bin Storage provides a quality & economical solution for unboxed loose parts or materials. 

All Welded Steel Bin Cabinets provide a secure & clean storage for valuable parts and tools. 


Through utilization of these storage solutions, you can increase production efficiency, reduce and control inventory, shorten assembly times and minimize the handling of parts.

MWS will make sure they find the best workable storage solution for your warehouse or industry.